Prophets from long ago with much to say to us.

Written in times war, of fear, of injustice, of rebuilding after disaster, of failures in religious institutions.

Many of us don’t know these little books that we find at the end of the Old Testament in our English Bibles, often called the ‘Minor Prophets’. But they were written to people facing very similar issues to us – and they have a powerful message for us today. That is why we have much to gain by listening to them, and why we are excited to be doing just that in our next sermon series – digging into the words of three of these prophets: Habakkuk, Haggai and Malachi.

Please join us as we reap Major Gains from Minor Prophets.

The Anatomy of Hope

Is there life after death? Why has the idea of the resurrection of Jesus persisted through centuries of challenges and sceptical questioning? Is there any hope in the face of the universal reality of death? And is the Christian hope more than just floating around in a white sheet playing a harp?

We began this series at Easter, delving into one of the earliest reflections on Jesus’ resurrection, written by one of the first leaders of the Jesus movement in the first century. Join us as we keep exploring this early reflection on the resurrection and what it means for all of us – the Anatomy of Hope. The Christian faith continues to hold out this hope because of what happened on the first Easter Sunday, nearly 2000 years ago.