Easter Services at St Peter’s of the Rock

Good Friday Service – 9:30am at 95 Percival Street

A reflective service focussed on the cross of Jesus, and the reality of what his death means for us today. You are welcome to join us as we reflect on this powerful reality.

Easter Sunday Service at Church – 9:30am at 95 Percival Street

A celebration of the reality of Jesus’ resurrection and the hope it brings. Did Jesus really rise again from the dead? What does it mean for us if he did? Join us as we explore these questions, celebrate Easter Sunday, and share in the Lord’s Supper together.

Easter Sunday in the Park – 11:30am at Victoria Park

A family friendly service at the band rotunda in the park, celebrating the hope of Easter Sunday. You could bring a picnic lunch to enjoy afterwards – if you’d rather not, it is fine just to come along for the service. Please bring something to sit on. Come, celebrate hope with us!

We’d love to have you join us!

Church location – 95 Percival Street:

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And following from Easter…

Is there life after death? Why has the idea of the resurrection of Jesus persisted through centuries of challenges and sceptical questioning? Is there any hope in the face of the universal reality of death? And is the Christian hope more than just floating around in a white sheet playing a harp?

Join us on Sunday mornings as we delve into one of the earliest reflections on Jesus’ resurrection, written by one of the first leaders of the Jesus movement in the first century. Explore the hope that the the Christian faith continues to hold out – because of the reality of Jesus’ resurrection 2000 years ago.