Level 2 Service Information

In Level 2 we meet under some restrictions. But the key factor is we are able to meet. So here are our plans for this Sunday, as a way to meet safely under the current restrictions:

We will have 2 services in person at 95 Percival St (our usual building): 9:30am and 11am.
Because there is a limit of 50 for indoor gatherings, we are splitting the service into 2.

It is very important to register for one of the services– you can do so here: just click this link.
Please register by Thursday.
Again, I would love to encourage those who need to make use of Sunday School to register for the 9:30, and those who don’t need the Sunday School to register for the 11am, if possible. 

The first service at 9:30am
– this service will have Sunday School running as a separate gathering at the same time, and so is especially aimed at families with Sunday School aged children. 
– to assist with keeping the number limits, and because we will be having a shorter service, Sunday School will run the entire time of the service
– kids will be dropped to the hall for Sunday school before the service starts, and parents will head into the main church building for church. (If kids could bring a pencil case to Sunday School with pencils etc, that would be great)
– there will be no morning tea after this service, and we will have to ask you to leave the buildings fairly promptly after the service to allow for the next service to be gotten ready before people start arriving for it. On Sunday a number of our crew had a good get together at Matawai Park, and it may be that some are keen to do so again, weather permitting (let me know if you would like to be a point person for that!). If the weather is not so nice, why not invite someone over for fellowship at your place after church? 

The second service at 11am
– this service will not have Sunday School, and is aimed at those who do not have Sunday School aged children in their household.
– it is a slightly later start which may be a bonus for some 🙂
– we will be able to do a simple cuppa after this service in the hall. 
– please arrive no more than 10 minutes early to this service to help us keep the services separate. 

Other things to note
There is a small chance we may be in touch to see if you could come to a different service if one of our services is looking like it will push the number limits and the other doesn’t. 
We will also want to be leaving a few spaces open in case visitors come – if you are thinking of bringing any visitors, please do register for them!
The government have given fairly clear guidelines for church services this time around:
– They have asked us to encourage the wearing of face coverings (though this does not seem to be compulsory).
– Signing in (by either QR code posters with the app, or by sign-in sheet, will be required. (The registration form above will also help with keeping track of who is present). 
– Physical distancing of 2m is required between people who don’t know each other. The number restrictions should leave space for this.    
– The government guidelines on worship gatherings can be seen here in full for those interested.