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Details about the new format of church meetings at Level 2 (from Sunday September 12th):

We will have 2 services in person at 95 Percival St (our usual building): 9:30am and 11am.Because there is a limit of 50 for indoor gatherings, we are splitting the service into 2. We will have two simple services of the word – for which you will need to register (see below).

The first service at 9:30am– this service will have Sunday School running at the same time, and so is especially aimed at families with Sunday School aged children. – to assist with keeping the number limits, and because we will be having a shorter service, Sunday School will run the entire time of the service – kids will be dropped to the hall for Sunday school before the service starts, and parents will head into the main church building for church. (If kids could bring a pencil case to Sunday School with pencils etc, that would be great)- there will be no morning tea after this service, and we will have to ask you to leave the buildings fairly promptly after the service to allow for the next service to be gotten ready before people start arriving for it. However, if the weather is nice some are considering gathering at Matawai Park down the road, and all would be welcome to that. If the weather is not so nice, why not invite someone over for fellowship at your place after church? 

The second service at 11am– this service will not have Sunday School, and is aimed at those who do not have Sunday School aged children in their household.- it is a slightly later start which may be a bonus for some :)- we will be able to do a simple cuppa after this service in the hall.

To register, or for any questions, please get in touch with us via the contact form at the bottom of this page.

(to see the government’s guidelines applicable to church services at Level 2, click here)

Online Services:

😊 Looking up while locked down 😊

Hello to anyone here to watch our service. The latest video is posted at the top. If you want to contact anyone from the church there is a form at the bottom of this page.