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Halleluiah…Jesus is Risen from the Dead.

Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,

Matthew 28:19

  Na reira haere, meinga hei akonga nga iwi katoa, iriiria i runga i te ingoa o te Matua, o te Tama, o te Wairua tapu:

Matiu 28:19


It was great to see Jonmarc getting baptised this week.


If you have children in Sunday school, this week’s craft will be messy. Please, no Sunday best; this is your chance to bring the kids to church scruffy.

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  • Our new church helper, Matthias, as he finds a roll at SPOTR.

Sermons – April 11, 2021

This is the first sermon from our new series, The Great Redeemer, taken from Exodus.

Exodus chapters 1 and 2

What Is God Doing?

God, What Are You Doing? This is a question we often ask when things are difficult, when life is not going our way.

The Background of a Rescue: Exodus starts with the Israelites living in Egypt. They had gone there when there was a famine in their own land, and originally has prospered. However, after many years, one of the Pharaoh’s starts to feel threatened by the Israelites. He makes the Israelite nation into slaves, and at this point many would have been asking, God, what are you doing?

The Beginning of a Rescue: Things have become terrible for the Jews. The people of God are not only slaves, but are now expected to kill all their male children. At this point in the text we are introduced to Moses’ parents. When Moses is born they hide him, however it becomes obvious they will not be able to conceal their child for long. When he is three months old, Moses’ mother takes him to the river and places him in a waterproof basket; Moses’ sister follows the basket to see what will happen to her brother. His poor mother must have been desperate to do such a thing. As the basket floats down the river the daughter of Pharaoh arrives. This could have been very bad news, however the princess takes pity on Moses. Not only does she spare his life but she takes him for her own son. Miriam, who has witnessed the whole event, now approaches the princess [brave girl] and askes if she can find a nurse for the baby. She runs to fetch her mother, who now gets her son back, safe, and is even going to be paid to look after him.

The Beginning of a Rescuer: Moses is eventually living with the princess, but knows his heritage. One day he sees a Hebrew slave being beaten by an Egyptian. After checking that no one is watching, he kills the Egyptian. Moses is not perfect, he is a flawed man. The next day he discovers he was seen and now he has to run for his life. He settles down in the desert, where he marries and has a family.

So, What Was God Doing? Back home the people are still in the same desperate position. The man God is preparing to rescue them is far away. We are now told something very significant; the people cried out to God and God heard them. He heard them, He remembered His promise to His people, He looked and saw and He was concerned. That is what God is like.

What Is the Redeemer Doing? God was at work in Moses from the start of his life. He had a plan for Moses’ life. Similarly, God is always at work for us. When we ask “God what are you doing?” we can be sure He understands our situation. He lived on earth as a man and understands the hardships this life brings. He will help us in our difficulties. He hears us. He cares for us. He remembers us. He has a plan for us. He is our Great Redeemer.

To listen to the entire talk follow this link.

Thanks to Clint, Amanda and Suzanna who read the scriptures, and to Phil for the prayers of intercession

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