The End of a Certain Journey – for now…

Over the last 12 weeks we have been journeying with Jesus – it has been quite a ride, and we have seen and heard some extraordinary things:

  • We have seen him as he resolutely set out for Jerusalem, heading towards rejection and a cross, with a promise of resurrection.
  • We have seen him send out those who were following him to be his ambassadors sharing a blessed message.
  • We have heard him challenge us to the depths of our heart with a story about a Samaritan which called us to love in action which reflected his sacrificial love for us.
  • We have seen him affirm the importance of sitting at his feet and listening, and speaking to his Father (who knows what we need) in prayer.
  • We have heard him warn of the danger of a house divided, and assure of the victory he has over evil.
  • We have heard him condemn religious hypocrisy and comfort those who will take comfort in him.
  • We have heard him challenge us deeply about what we are really rich toward, and comfort us when we are generous for his sake.
  • We have heard him call us to readiness because we don’t know when the master of the house will arrive, and tell us how to be ready through repentance.
  • We have heard him speak of the breadth of his kingdom (broad enough for all, yes all), and the narrowness of the door (the one way to enter).

We are pausing in the journey now – we plan to take to the road with him again next year. Feel free to catch up on, or revisit, any of those moments we have spent with him in the last couple of months.

A Certain Journey – Return to Luke

We are about to undertake a new journey – a journey to Jerusalem, following the most influential person that ever lived, as we jump back into the Gospel of Luke. 

Over the last couple of years, we have returned to Luke a few times, working our way from the beginning up to the middle of chapter 9. We have called our series in Luke ‘A Certain Person’, because Luke focuses us on this certain person – Jesus Christ. He wants to give us certainty about the core facts of Jesus’ life, teaching, death and resurrection – and what those things mean for us. He can offer us this certainty because he has thoroughly investigated it all, and his account depends on the testimony of eyewitnesses (Luke 1:2-3).

As we reach the middle of chapter 9, there is a turning point in the story as Jesus is seen for who he truly is. He then sets out towards Jerusalem, literally ‘sets his face’ toward the famous Holy City. And then, for the next ten chapters, we follow him on a journey there. It is a certain journey, because he is determined to go to this particular place, certain in his intentions as he goes. Along the way there is much for us to learn from him about who can follow him, about what it means for our lives if we follow him. And about why we would want to follow him!

In the next 12 weeks or so, we will travel with Jesus for about the first half of this certain journey (up o the end of chapter 13).

It will be a great journey, full of challenge and inspiration for life. We would love to have you with us on this journey on Sunday mornings.