Kids Cooking….Pancake Sunday !

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In two weeks time (Feb 14) the Sunday School will be making pancakes as they think about Jesus and his time in the desert. If you are planning on joining us your child/children can bring their own toppings so their pancakes are ‘just right’ There will be a gluten free option available.

If you would like more information or your child has allergies, please contact Saskia to discuss.

Wisdom for a New Start

Although the year technically starts on January 1, in New Zealand things don’t really get going until about now. So as many kids go back to school and work moves into full flight, we are going to spend a couple of Sundays listening to some wisdom – wisdom to help us start out of the blocks in a great way.

The Book of Proverbs is the classic book of biblical wisdom. What better way to get things started in earnest than hearing the wisdom of the Lord of the universe?

We’d love to have you join us over the next two weeks (Jan 31st and Feb 7th) as we drink from this wellspring of life-giving wisdom.

The next phase in Luke’s story of Jesus

It has been wonderful to be able to share together in the story of Jesus from Luke’s Gospel on Sunday mornings over the last while. We have seen Luke begin to introduce us to the Certain Person he wants us all to meet.

This Sunday we begin the next section of this extraordinary Gospel, as we watch the adult life of Jesus begin to unfold, with his emergence into public life.

Here is a 5 minute summary video that will give you an overview of the next phase of this vital story…

You are always very welcome to join us Sunday mornings at 9:30 as we dig into this story, and what it means for each of us today.

Merry Christmas from SPOTR Church

We had a lovely Christmas Eve family service.

Chris talked about the shepherds having to go and look for Jesus. At Christmas it can sometimes be hard to see Jesus in all the busyness. The shepherds looked and found the Lord. Have you found Him?

If you want to know more we would be love to talk.

Hope you have a lovely Christmas 😀

You’re welcome this Christmas!

It goes without saying it has been a strange year, and a hard one for very many of us. And now the end of the year, and Christmas, is upon us. But this presents us with a wonderful opportunity – a chance to stop and find some joy, some peace.

We would love to invite you to come and share the joy and the peace of Christmas with us this year.

Our three services will all be a little different from each other.

The 7pm Christmas Eve family service will be a lot of fun focused on the kids, with joyous Christmas carols and songs, sharing together the story of what happened on the first Christmas and a lovely little supper afterwards – all finished in time to get the kids to bed not-too-late.

Our Christmas Eve Midnight Service (beginning 11pm) is preceded by a Christmas supper, and then will major on the peaceful true magic of Christmas, as we share the Christmas message, carols and Communion.

On Christmas Day at 9:30 we will celebrate the wonderful meaning of Christmas by hearing the story and singing carols together as we start the festive day.

Each, as I say, is a little bit different, but two things are the same across them all:
1) we have a wonderful message of hope to share and celebrate together, and
2) you are so very welcome to join us.

Looking forward to sharing Christmas with you.

Manaaki te Atua (God bless)
(Minister, St Peter’s of the Rock)