KIDS AT CHURCH (Updated 22/01/21)

Our Sunday school

At St. Peter’s of the Rock Church we run a Sunday School class for primary and preschool aged children. Children stay in the main church service until just before the sermon, then leave for age appropriate teaching.

Over the summer there will be no Sunday school classes, however there will be a supervised video for the children most weeks. If you would like more details please use link below.

Hope you enjoy this fun Christmas song.

The lessons for term one will be here soon 😊


6 years +

Feb-06Waitangi Day
Feb-13Attributes of God ‘V’
God is Victorius – Joshua 6
Feb-20Attributes of God ‘W’
God is Wise – God gives Wisdom to Solomon – 1 Kings 3
Feb-27Attributes of God ‘X’
God is Excellent – John 20
Mar-06Attributes of God ‘Y’
God is Yahweh – Exodus 3
Mar-13Attributes of God ‘Z’
God is Zealous – Acts 9
Waitangi Day
Feb-13Gospel Light – Rotten Rehoboam
1  Kings 12:1-33
Feb-20Gospel Light – Elijah’s Hideout
1  Kings 16:29-33; 17:1-6
Feb-27Gospel Light –  Miraculous Food
1  Kings 17:7-16
Mar-06Gospel Light –  Camel Contest
1  Kings 18
Mar-13Gospel Light –  A New Prophet
1  Kings 19; 2 Kings 2:1-15
Mar-20Gospel Light –  Praise Parade
Luke 19:28-40
Mar-27Gospel Light –  Jesus Dies and lives again
Luke 22:1-24:12
Apr-03Gospel Light –  The Road to Emmaus
Luke 24:13-35
Apr-10Easter Crafts

We hope you and your children will feel welcome at St. Peter’s of the Rock Kid’s Church

“Let the little children come to Me” Luke 18:16

For more information about Sunday School please click here.