Sunday school activities are being sent out via email during lockdown. If you have not recieved anything, and woul like to, please contact us. If you have some extra free time why not scroll down and have a lok at the new video I have put at the bottom of this page.

Children are welcome and are as much a part of the church as anyone. At St. Peter’s of the Rock Church we run a Sunday School class for primary and preschool aged Children. Children stay in the main church service until just before the sermon, then leave for age appropriate teaching.

Well done Adino, Jayden, Katlyn, Georgia, Felicity and Rosa for getting up and telling us what you liked about Sunday school. Hope you and all the other children enjoy term three as your classes go weekly.

Another story from Dr. Paul White, who was a doctor who worked in an African jungle hospital. He would use stories to teach the local people about God.


The lessons for this term are as follows: thanks Saskia😀

Older Class

August 1st Gospel Light
Oh Brothers
Genesis 37

August 8th Gospel Light
Joseph in Jail
Genesis 39:1 – 40:23

August 15th Gospel Light
Pharaoh’s Strange Dream
Genesis 41

August 22nd Gospel Light
Joseph and His Brothers
Genesis 42

August 29th Gospel Light
Joseph Forgives
Genesis 43:1-45:28

Sept 5th Gospel Light
Living Water
John 4:1-42

Sept 12th Gospel Light
Long-Distance Healing
John 4:46-54

Sept 19th Gospel Light
A man Born Blind
John 9

Sept 26th Gospel Light
Dead Man Walks
John 11:1-44

Younger Class

August 1st Attributes of God ‘J’
God is Just – 2 Samuel 6

August 8th Attributes of God ‘k’
Jesus is the King Forever

August 15th Attributes of God ‘L’
God is Love – Luke 15

August 22nd Attributes of God ‘M’
God is Merciful – Acts 2

August 29th Attributes of God ‘N’
God Needs Nothing – Acts 17

Sept 5th Attributes of God ‘O’
God is Omnipresent – Pslam 139

Sept 12th Attributes of God ‘P’
God Protects – Daniel 6

Sept 19th Attributes of God ‘Q’
God is Quick to Save – Genesis 22

Sept 26th Attributes of God ‘R’
Jesus us the Rescuer – Isaiah 53

We hope you and your children will feel welcome at St. Peter’s of the Rock Kid’s Church

“Let the little children come to Me” Luke 18:16

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